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Mining Now is a collaboration between CIM and Crownsmen Partners. Join industry experts as they discuss modern mining and processing equipment, the latest innovations in energy efficiency and production, issues around attracting talent, evolving safety regulations and so much more. This is the mining of today that will shape the mines of tomorrow.

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ESG Implementation Strategies with Talisman Partners

Justin Joubert, Managing Director and Ivan Budd, Head Of ESG

Discover the essential role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices in the mining industry! Join us in this insightful episode of Mining Now as we delve into the world of sustainable mining with experts from Talisman Partners, Justin Joubert, and Ivan Budd. Gain valuable insights into how mining companies can navigate ESG challenges, ensuring compliance and fostering long-term success.

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Maximizing Tire Performance in Mining with Kal Tire

Dave Allan, Vice President, Canada and Mark Goode, Director Business Insights

Experience a transformative journey into the world of mining tire management with Kal Tire Mining Tire Group, a pioneering leader in tire solutions for the mining industry. In this insightful video, Kal Tire experts Dave Allan and Mark Goode delve deep into the intricacies of maximizing productivity and efficiency through innovative tire management strategies. Gain invaluable insights as they explore the evolving landscape of mining operations and unveil groundbreaking techniques to enhance performance and reduce downtime.

Unveiling B2Gold's Approach to Sustainable Mining

Ken Jones, Director of Sustainability

Discover the dynamic intersection of leadership and sustainability in the mining industry as Ken Jones, a seasoned executive at B2Gold, shares insights in this engaging video. Delve into B2Gold's decade-long commitment to sustainable mining practices, exploring the evolution of their strategies under Ken's leadership. Gain valuable perspectives on the challenges and successes encountered on their path towards environmental responsibility and social impact.

Brandt’s Fleet Management System in Action: Victoria Gold Corp's Payload Success

Jim Thompson, VP of Sales, Brandt

Andrew Ballance, Manager of Mine Operations, Victoria Gold Corp.

In this episode of Mining Now, host Jerrod Downey welcomes two guests: Jim Thompson, VP of Sales at Brandt, and Andrew Ballance, Manager of Mine Operations at Victoria Gold Corp. They discuss the implementation of a Fleet Management System (FMS) at Victoria Gold Corp and its impact on their mining operation.

Sustainability and Innovation: Hecla Mining's Silver and Copper Ventures

In this episode of Mining Now filmed at CIM Montreal 2023, host Roy Slack welcomes Phillips (Phil) Baker Jr., CEO of Hecla Mining. Hecla, with a rich history spanning over 130 years, has been a key supporter of the mining industry. Phil Baker highlights the importance of organizations like CIM and SME for learning and sharing knowledge within the industry. He also discusses Hecla's Lucky Friday mine and its innovative approach to mining in the face of increased seismic activity.

Beumer Group - The Holistic Approach to Mining Conveyors

Jerrod Downey engages in an insightful conversation with Gabriel Moniz, Operations Manager at Beumer Group. This episode continues the series' exploration of conveyor design in the mining industry by focusing on holistic approaches. Gabriel Moniz's expertise shines as he discusses the intricate design process of conveyor systems, particularly those spanning long distances over challenging terrains.

Inside Mining's Best-Kept Secrets with Silvercorp Metals: Global Impact on Mining and Communities

In this episode, our guest, Lon Shaver, Vice-President of Silvercorp Metals Inc, provides a comprehensive overview of the company's growth trajectory, investments, and operational strategies.

DRA Global - Mining Innovations, Sustainability, and Future Trends

Join us on this episode of Mining Now as we delve into the dynamic world of mining innovations, sustainability efforts, and future industry trends. Our guest host, Gus Minor, engages in an insightful conversation with Pierre Julien, President Americas, and Vikram Jayaraman MBA, M.Eng, Senior Vice President – North America Business Operations, both from DRA Global.

Ausenco - Operational Readiness and Asset Optimization

In this episode, your host Gus Minor is joined by Joffrey Bouchard-Gorin, Senior Consultant, and Eric Delorme, Director of Asset Optimization for North America at Ausenco. They discuss Ausenco's operational readiness and asset management services, emphasizing the importance of early planning for successful project execution and maintenance.

SMS Equipment - Exploring Decarbonization and Electrification Trends

In this episode, we have special guests Bryce Short, North America Sales & Marketing Manager from Komatsu Germany, and Dillon McKinnon, Manager of Mining Equipment Technology. Join us as we delve into the electrification and decarbonization trends in the mining industry.

Ausenco - Climate Risk and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Strategies

IIn this episode, our host Jerrod Downey takes you to CIM MTL 23, live from Montreal, Canada. Special guest is Gabriel Castillo, the Director of Climate Change at Ausenco. With years of experience in the mining sector and a deep understanding of climate change, Gabriel discusses some crucial and complex topics related to sustainability and metal production.

Exploring Geological Insights with MicroMine and Alamos Gold

Our featured guest is Grant Salo, a GIS Geologist from Alamos Gold, representing Micromine. Grant will be sharing his expertise on the geology side of mining using Micromine products. Stay tuned as he delves into the innovative use of Micromine software to improve productivity and workflows at the Lynn Lake project.

Kal Tire Mining Tire Group - Recycling Solutions & Advanced Tire Technology

In this episode, our guest is Dave Allan, Vice President at Kal Tire Mining Tire Group Canada. Join us as we discuss recycling solutions for the mining industry and how Kal Tire is making a positive impact.

Discover How Sofvie Ensures Safe Mining Operations

In this episode filmed live at CIM MTL 23 in Montreal, Canada, Jerrod sits down with Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer of Sofvie Inc., to discuss the changing landscape of the mining industry and how Sofvie has adapted to deliver innovative products.

GroundHog and Cementation Americas - Mining Digitization and Automation

In this episode, hosted by Roy Slack, we delve into the fascinating world of mine digitization and automation. Our guest, Satish Penmetsa, CEO of GroundHog, and Steve Immenschuh, Performance Manager at Cementation Americas, join us to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the mining industry.

Beumer Group - Deep Dive Into Implementing Mining Conveyor Systems

BEUMER is an OEM and manufacturer of advanced material handling systems, in particular long distance conveyors, but they are also an engineering group. For larger transport systems, “off-the-shelf” solutions no longer provide the best value for customers. These systems need to be laid out correctly to provide optimum benefits. Peter Sehl, Director of Sales - Mining & Power North America joins Mining NOW to discuss the process of implementing a conveyor system, specifically within a mining operation and what are the advantages and challenges depending on what stage they get invoiced with the project.

From Data to Value: Epiroc's Mining Software Solutions Explained

In this episode of Mining Now, we talked with Dawn Larsen, Digital Solutions Manager for Epiroc in Canada. Filmed at PDAC, Dawn shared how Epiroc's software solutions can deliver real value to mines through digitalization and mine intelligence.

Imperial Oil & Finning - Sustainable Future in Canadian Mining

Imperial Oil is a Canadian petroleum company with mining operations committed to responsibly developing Canada's energy resources for over 140 years while Finning is the world's largest Caterpillar equipment dealer. We also discuss renewable diesel, its importance in the energy transition, and how it is made from natural oil and fats, thus reducing carbon emissions. 

KORE Geosystems - How SPECTOR Is Revolutionizing the Core Shack

With a passion to develop methods to avoid repetitive tasks, KORE Geosystems strives to revolutionize the Core Shack. KORE is leading mining into the future with SPECTOR, a fully integrated system that improves the consistency, quality, and timeliness of geological data captured, so that geologists and engineers can spend less time acquiring data, and more time interpreting it. Giving businesses the ability to make more informed decisions, cutting time and costs.

Epiroc - Mining and Construction Products & Equipment

In this episode of Mining NOW, we look at Epiroc’s expertise in converting combustion engine mining equipment to electric. Andy Barriault from Epiroc discusses the advantages of electric equipment fleets and the training required for operators. We also cover manufacturing electric mining equipment and autonomous vehicles.

Brandt - Mining Equipment, Manufacturing, & Technology - Largest John Deere Dealer

The Brandt Group of Companies — headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada services Agricultural, manufacturing, road building, transportation, forestry, mining, and much more. They are the world’s largest privately-owned John Deere Construction & Forestry equipment dealer.

Kal Tire Mining Group at Electra Mining in South Africa - Technology, Partnerships, & More!

Representatives from the Kal Tire Mining Tire Group join Mining NOW from South Africa to discuss tire management services, sustainable solutions and developing long term channel partners in Africa’s mining sector.

MineSense | Pioneering Digital Ore Body Mining Solutions with SHOVELSENSE

MineSense is a pioneer in digital mining solutions, supplying real-time, sensor- based ore sorting for mines. Our signature solution is ShovelSense, a robust sensor installed on mining equipment to scan and measure the grade of the material in every shovel and bucket. The increased real-time visibility of your orebody provided by ShovelSense drives improvements in your mine’s efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Jeff More, MineSense CEO discusses how mines have approached the ore body and how technologies like SHOVELSENSE® revolutionize how the industry can target high grade ore to achieve profitability and sustainability all at once!

Beumer Group | Engineering Conveyors & Conveying Technology

Beumer is an international leader in the design and manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 5,100 employees worldwide, we have annual sales of about EUR 1.1 billion. They were founded in 1935 and are independent and privately owned in the 3rd generation.

Frontier Lithium | The Next Frontier of Electric & Lithium from Canada

Frontier Lithium is a pre-production business that is targeting to become a manufacturer of battery-quality lithium salts to support electric vehicle and battery supply chains in North America. Frontier is developing the PAK Lithium Project which contains one of North America's highest-grade, large-tonnage hard-rock lithium resources in the form of a rare low-iron spodumene.

Kal Tire Mining | Expect More Sustainability, More Leadership, More Innovation

At a time when mines, quarries and waste sites are keen to reduce their environmental footprint and meet ESG goals, Kal Tire has invested in and developed solutions to help customers fulfill their commitments. Dave Allan, VP Canada at Kal Tire Mining Tire Group joins Mining Now to discuss their approach, programs and recent successes.

Mosaic | Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine, Reclamation in Florida, & ESG Targets w Kelly Strong

Mosaic is the world’s leading integrated producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash. They employ more than 13,000 people in nine countries and participate in every aspect of crop nutrition development to help the world grow the food it needs. They mine and process phosphate and potash minerals into crop nutrients and then ship via rail, barge and ocean-going vessel to our customers in the major agricultural centers worldwide. Vice President - North American Mining Operations, Kelly Strong, joins Mining NOW to discuss their ESG targets by 2025 as well as Esterhazy K3 Potash Mine in Saskatchewan and their Central Florida Phosphate Mining and Processing business.

Sofvie & Technica Mining | Take Mining 4.0 & Safety to Another Level

It is not often we have a show that includes the supplier and customer. Gus Minor, Chief Innovation Officer at Sofvie, returns to Mining NOW to discuss how they provided a digital safety solution to Technica Mining. From Technica, Health Safety and Training Manager, Eric Demers also joins to discuss the implementation of the software platform as a mining contractor.

Sherritt International | In Situ Leaching/Recovery, Modern Ore Processing, & Mining

This in depth interview features Dr. Nathan Stubina, Vice President, Technologies, Sherritt International Corporation. He discusses the challenges of major innovation in mining including discussing how machines like Ball Mills and Flotations Cells have evolved, alternative technology, and roadblocks mine operators face when implementing new processes. He also discusses the public's view of mining, the academic outlook on mining innovation, and how companies like Sherritt International, Barrick Gold and Agnico Eagle have introduced innovation processing and mining solutions into their operation.

Kal Tire | Incredible Tire Recycling Facility | Thermal Conversion for A Circular Economy

Located in the heart of Chile’s mining region, home to some of the world’s largest copper mines, Kal Tire has built and is now operating a facility that has the capability to recycle 20 tonnes (20,000 kilograms or 44,092.5 pounds) of tires each day with 40 percent of the weight of those scrap tires having the potential to return to mines as alternative fuels. This is what Dave Allan, Vice President of Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, Canada and Scott Farnham Director of Recycling Services discusses with Mining Now host Jerrod Downey.

Sofvie | Enhance Communication & Redefine Hazard and Risk Management in Mining

Sofvie Inc. Chief Innovation Officer, joins Mining NOW to discuss how they are leveraging innovative technologies to create new realities for hazard/risk management and communication. He discusses their approach of reversing roles from feeling pain points to eliminating them, how the industry’s demand has increased for digital transition, and how their technology increases communication and minimizes safety risks at every level of the company.

BESTECH & The Whole Mine | From Electrician to License to Operate ft. Samantha Espley

Samantha Espley, VP of BESTECH joins Mining Now to discuss what The Whole Mine means to her and BESTECH including the electrification of mines, sensor technology, license to operate, their contribution to economic development and community and mines of the future that will be more efficient and profitable.

CEMI | New Mining Innovation & Technology for Ore Discovery with Charles Nyabeze

Charles Nyabeze B.Eng MBA, Vice-President Business Development and Commercialization for CEMI joins Mining Now! The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, is Canada’s expert in mining innovation. They deliver commercially viable innovations to improve heat & rock stress, mine productivity, safety, ore discovery and environmental performance. Charles and Jerrod Downey discuss how companies already commercialized in separate industries can expand into mining and companies already in the industry overseas but are looking to reach the Canadian mining market can be successful.

Teck Resources | Mine Operations & Leadership ft. Geological Engineer Jessica Steeves

Jessica started her career in geo technical consulting where she did dam construction supervision, underground mine design, and open pit drilling programs, etc. In 2016 she was hired by Teck Resources and joined their team at Teck’s Highland Valley Copper and started primarily managing projects before going to Mine Operations as a Pit Supervisor. Jessica was one of the companies the first female pit supervisor and has done equipment supervision and pit control and is now learning the autonomous system as a supervisor. In this interview we discuss her approach to growing in her career and collaborating with her team.

Taseko’s Gibraltar Mines | Mine Maintenance Strategy ft Brandon Nikolaisen

In this interview Brandon discusses Teseko Mine’s approach to balancing risk, cost and equipment availability. He outlines predictive maintenance to identify work, application of technology, root cause analysis, forecasting and data analysis to identify bad actors (machinery) and improve maintenance strategy and procedures.


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