Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


What We Believe

  • Collaboration leads to a sustainable future
  • Membership fosters personal and professional development
  • Engagement expands awareness of the essential contribution mining makes to society


The trusted authority & collective source for advancing mineral industry knowledge, guidelines & best practices​


Cultivate knowledge, best practices & innovation to support​ our members, improve​ awareness of the minerals industry in society & evolve the industry​ responsibly  

Strategic Plan 2021

CIM’s new strategic plan focuses on a three-year outlook consisting of three phases: Recalibrate (2021), Renew (2022) and Revitalize (2023). In collaboration with our technical societies, local branches, expert committees, student chapters and dedicated volunteers, we will forge a sustainable future through our mineral resources.

Read the 2021-2023 CIM Strategic Plan Report

Who We Are and What We Do

Member Spotlight

Gord Winkel, Professor and Director, University of Alberta

CIM and its vision and mission fosters a kind of collaboration, an ultimate collaboration where we can get together and have our best minds working on what the future might hold for mining and how we can be more effective.