Frequently asked questions

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  1. What is my username/password?
    If you don't remember your username/password, you can reset it using the "forgot password" button by clicking here.
  2. How do I update my contact information?
    To update your profile and contact information, please login to your profile.


  1. Which Membership is the best for me?

    CIM offers multiple membership opportunities at different engagement levels that meet your key business needs and professional goals.

    CIM National Membership

    CIM Corporate Membership

    Branch Memberships

  2. What are the benefits of a CIM Membership?

    To know more about Membership benefits please visit:

    Member Benefits from A-Z


  1. How do I find other members?

    The CIM Membership directory connects you with prominent members of our community.

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  2. Are CIM events exclusive to CIM members?

    Most CIM events are open to the general public. To view upcoming events and activities put on by CIM, its Technical Societies and Branches, and its sister societies around the world, please check our Calendar of Events.

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  1. Does CIM hold events throughout the year?

    Yes! CIM Events are hosted throughout the year with different formats including online webinars and Branch Events. To know more please visit our Calendar of Events.

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  2. How do I register for an event?

    Event registrations are handled individually by the hosting organization. To register, please click on the event banner and you will be provided with more information.


  1. What are communities?

    CIM is a multi-faceted institute but at our core, we are a community of professionals looking to build relationships, set best practices, share knowledge, advance our careers, and support one another to ensure a prosperous industry.

    CIM Communities include :

  2. Which communities do I already belong to?

    To view or update your profile and membership information please login to your profile.

Staying connected

  1. How can I get in touch with CIM office staff?

    Here is a list of CIM National office staff and their phone extensions. You can also submit a general inquiry or report a problem with the website by using the forms on that page.

  2. Is CIM on social media?

    Yes. You can follow CIM on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  3. Does CIM have a newsletter?

    Yes. You can sign up using the form in the footer of the CIM website.

  4. How can I control the frequency of emails I receive?

    You can update your email preferences by clicking here.

Library and Professional Development

  1. How do I find a paper or publication?

    To find a paper or publication, use the search bar on the Technical Paper Library page. You can search by author name, paper title, topic, name of the event at which the paper was presented, or year it was published.

    As a CIM member, you also have access to over 140,000 mining and minerals related documents in the OneMine library.

    Learn more about OneMine

  2. Can CIM can help me earn continuing professional development credits (CPDs)?

    CIM can help Canadian professional engineers and geoscientists earn continuing professional development credits (CPDs). Here's how:

Formal activity (program participation)

Informal activity (attendance and participation)

  • Attend CIM’s national and branch-level events, especially those that feature technical and career-relevant presentations;
  • Learn about the latest developments in your field during the annual CIM Convention and EXPO featuring a comprehensive multi-stream technical program;
  • Participate in CIM Society conferences and other CIM-sponsored seminars and meetings;
  • Acquire and/or update your knowledge through CIM’s technical webinars and workshops;
  • Attend a CIM Distinguished Lecture;
  • Mentor a student or young professional;
  • Support students seeking to present a paper at a conference or submit a paper to CIM Journal for peer review.

Participation (volunteer engagement)

  • Serve on CIM Council and/or one of its various committees;
  • Serve on CIM branch and society executive bodies;
  • Contribute to conference organizing committees and technical program committees;
  • Participate in government-related activities on CIM’s behalf (e.g. attending trade missions, interacting with foreign dignitaries, etc.);
  • Join groups related to new areas of development such as rare earths and chromite, genomics and mining, and others;
  • Become a social media “champion” by helping to disseminate information to a broader audience.


  • Be a CIM Distinguished Lecturer;
  • Present at CIM events at the national, society and branch levels;
  • Be part of international delegations that feature CIM’s contribution to the industry.

Contribution to knowledge

  • Participate in CIM’s Standards, Best Practices and Valuation committees;
  • Participate in CIM’s effort to develop and disseminate CSR best practices and contribute to CIM’s development of an online mining safety portal;
  • Submit articles for publication in CIM Magazine;
  • Submit technical papers to or serve as peer reviewer forCIM Journal and Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly.

Member Spotlight

Stéfanie Vo, Senior Process Engineer, Hatch

I think CIM opens the door to a lot of diversity in the management roles, a lot of diversity in the conferences as well. And what I would like to see is even more diversity —and not just women, men, but also diversity of thought, diversity of innovation, as well. I think that CIM has a lot of work to do to influence companies to act in the direction of this diversity.