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CIM is Canada’s leading technical industry resource for the minerals, metals, materials and petroleum sectors. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, facilitating innovation, celebrating excellence and promoting sustainable practices across the full spectrum of our industry. With over 10,000 members, 30 local and international branches, 11 societies and 11 committees, we are the premier source for industry professional development.

CIM is a proud member of the Global Mineral Professionals Alliance.

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  • We unite like-minded professionals in addressing pressing industry issues through conferences, technical resources, networking and social events
  • We bring together individuals, groups and organizations from all disciplines, from different areas of the industry and from all experience levels to learn, mentor and build expertise.
  • We support our industry in its role as a global leader in sustainable and responsible mining.
  • We provide continuous technical resources and professional development opportunities.





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Ali Fahrettin Kuyuk, Commercial Manager—Mine to Mill, Weir Motion Metrics

I’ve always seen the mining community as a very connected community. Everybody knows each other, so they’re … moving together. I think that’s one of the big reasons that CIM has endured so far.