Society for Rock Engineering

About Us

In November 2004 the Council of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) recognized and welcomed the Society for Rock Engineering as a constituent society of the Institute.

The Society for Rock Engineering traces its origins to 1984 when the Rock Mechanics Committee of the CIM was formed by members of the metal mining, coal mining and geology divisions.

The last 25 years found a large number of volunteers from the Rock Mechanics community working towards developing and disseminating information and knowledge through workshops, technical meetings and the work of ad hoc sub committees.

The priorities of the Society for Rock Engineering have evolved in response to the needs of the industry, and the interests of its members, and have included backfill, instrumentation, rock support, rock bursts, soft rock etc.

The Rock Mechanics Committee has sponsored technical volumes on support, monitoring and backfill, and worked closely with the Canadian Geotechnical Society to represent Canada in the International Society for Rock Mechanics.

The Society for Rock Engineering’s mission is to:

  • Promote and encourage research in rock engineering
  • Facilitate information exchange
  • Promote knowledge sharing
  • Encourage technology transfer among industry players
  • Serve as a bridge into other industries, learning from their experience and insight
  • Support the organization of conferences seminars and training session in rock engineering
  • Recognize excellence in rock engineering in the mining industry

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