CIM Rock Mechanics Award


CIM Rock Mechanics Award

For significant and lasting contributions to research or applications in rock mechanics for the benefit of the Canadian mining industry

Award criteria


The Rock Mechanics Award is given to deserving candidates, members of CIM, who have made significant and lasting contributions to research or applications in rock mechanics for the benefit of the Canadian mining industry. The award recipient is selected by the CIM Rock Engineering Society.

CIM Rock Mechanics Award criteria and other information:

  1. The award shall be made from time to time as circumstances warrant in recognition of significant and lasting contributions to the advancement of rock mechanics in Canada.
  2. The award shall consist of an appropriate plaque and other testimonial as determined by the Board of Directors of the Rock Engineering Society.
  3. No more than one award may be given for any one calendar year.
  4. The recipient shall be an active CIM National member, and have also been a CIM National member for a minimum of two previous years.
  5.  The recipient shall be a Canadian citizen.
  6.  Current members of the Rock Engineering Society’s Special Committee for the Rock Mechanics Award are not eligible for the award.
  7.   Past recipients are not eligible for the award.


  1. Members of the Rock Engineering Society (i.e. CIM members who have identified the Rock Engineering Society as a technical interest group on their membership application form) shall nominate candidates for the award.
  2. A nomination shall be accompanied by:
    i. A letter providing a description of the nominee’s specific contributions to rock mechanics in the Canadian mining industry, and other unique qualifications for the award.
    ii. Other relevant information (e.g. letters of support, curriculum vitae of nominee).
  3. Completed nominations shall be forwarded to the Chair of the Society for Rock Engineering no later than October 1 of each year.
  4. A nomination stands for three (3) years.


There is only one recipient of this award every year. This award is solely for individual nominations (no teams).



Erik Eberhardt

Erik Eberhardt is a professor and the director of the geological engineering program at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan​ and past associate director of the Rio Tinto Centre for Underground Mine Construction​. He is currently helping to lead the International Caving Research Network (ICaRN), a research group that specializes in the integration of geology, geotechnical monitoring, experimental data and numerical modelling to better understand complex rock mass responses to mining and to formulate means to mitigate these and reduce risk. 


Dave Mackintosh

Dave Mackintosh has just passed 50 years in the potash mining industry where he started as a rock mechanics technician in 1969 for Cominco (Agrium, now Nutrien). His supervisor at the time was Jim Popowich, past president of CIM. He remained as a technician for a number of years, and became a local authority. He finally finished his geology degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1985, and after 26 years with Cominco, formed ADM Consulting Limited in 1996. Since then, he has been fortunate to work on projects in Thailand, Europe, Britain and throughout North and South America.