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To serve as a national centre to support and promote mining health and safety excellence, benefitting all Canadian mining professionals. 


To support Canadian leadership in mining safety and health expertise and to provide a repository for related best practices reference material. 

The HSS supports the Canadian mining industry’s global leadership in health and safety, with the goal of zero harm to people (ex. no lives lost, no lives changed). 

The overarching purpose of the HSS is three-fold: 

  • To contribute to the improvement of the health and well-being of the mining, processing and minerals industry workforce in Canada and abroad. 
  • To be the organization of choice personal and professional development and sharing of industry knowledge and best practices relating to health, safety and risk awareness of the mining and minerals extraction industry. 
  • To collaborate and work with other CIM Societies to achieve the goal of zero harm.

Health refers to one’s physical well-being as well as mental health and wellness. Risk management as it applies to health and safety is an overarching focus in the industry and has applications and benefits in all other areas of the business beyond the HSS’ focus on people and the goal of zero harm.    

It is recognized that health, safety and risk management are key to sustainability within our industry and an important part of most CIM technical Societies. The intention of the HSS is to support the various Societies in their efforts to promote health and safety and to provide a platform to collaborate with other organizations outside CIM to further develop the health, safety and risk management expertise within the Canadian mining industry. In that regard, the HSS will support other Societies and collaboration is a key part of its mandate. 

The objectives of the HSS are to: 

  • Contribute to the improvement of the health, safety and well-being of the mining, processing and minerals industry workforce in Canada and abroad; 
  • Promote and disseminate best practices in health, safety and risk management;
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and provide fellowship for the global mining community through organization of events and other knowledge-sharing opportunities;
  • Liaise with academia to promote health, safety and risk awarenessand provide mentoring and knowledge resources for current and future industry leadership; 
  • Improve the global relevance and presence of CIM in the health, safety and risk management aspects of mining and minerals extraction; 
  • Advise the CIM Council relating to health, safety and risk management issues affecting the mining industry; 
  • Inspire, encourage, support and coordinate health and safety activities within CIM and its Societies; and
  • Encourage increased membership and participation in CIM.

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