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CIM Journal Paper Submission

CIM Journal welcomes original papers in English or French. Submissions are assigned to a CIM Technical Society for double-blind peer review. Our authors and audience are international in scope. Topics covered in CIM Journal include geology, mining, processing, maintenance, environmental protection and reclamation, social responsibility, mineral economics, project management, health and safety, risk management, research and development, operations, and regulatory practices and issues. We also publish periodic special-themed issues. 

Join forces with some of the brightest minds and share your expertise by submitting a technical paper to CIM Journal. 

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Member Spotlight

Marilyn Spink, CIM Distinguished Lecturer 2018-2019

CIM membership’s value for me over my career has been personal development – from developing leadership skills, feeding my hunger for learning, debating new ideas, understanding diverse perspectives, building relationships, coaching and being coached, and getting over my fear of public speaking!