Being a CIM Journal peer reviewer

What does a Peer Reviewer Do?

Peer reviewers evaluate the superiority and soundness of another author’s work by offering constructive criticism and suggestions for improvements. They play a key role in helping CIM achieve its primary goal: to facilitate the sharing of superior technical information.

You need not be an expert in the technical fields featured in the paper you are reviewing, but you must be sufficiently competent in the relevant technical field to feel comfortable doing the review. The peer reviewer job is anonymous and typically only takes a few hours over the course of two months.

Why Become a Peer Reviewer?

  • Contribute to the scientific community and your own area of concentration;
  • Establish your expertise in and knowledge of the field and increase your professional prestige;
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest developments, research and discoveries in your discipline;
  • Exercise the critical thinking skills essential to the practice of science;
  • Help maintain the reliability and high standards of the CIM Journal.

How do you Become a Peer Reviewer?

If you have not been asked to become a peer reviewer but would like to participate, email

The review chairman will record your contact information (your name, company, technical specialty, email and telephone number) in order to set you up as a peer reviewer in the CIM Journal online system.  You will receive an email from CIM with your username and password for accessing the online system.

When your review chairman assigns a paper to you for peer review, you will receive an email from CIM with the title of the paper and a reminder that you have two months in which to complete your review.

Your review involves completing an annotated copy of the paper–showing your detailed comments–and a completed review form with your general comments and recommendations.

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Hani Mitri, Professor at McGill University and CIM Fellow