Underground Mining Society (UMS)


Underground Mining Society (UMS)

About Us


A membership of creative individuals recognized as leaders in their organizations.


To provide venues and learning opportunities that contribute to member development.

The UMS will strive to deliver on our vision and mission by directive efforts through internal committees and participation in external working groups. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact to express your interest and you will be connected with the appropriate lead.


UMS Awards (Fran Yungwirth)

UMS-Education (Donna Beneteau)

UMS Ventilation and Hazardous Environments (Ali Madiseh)

UMS Communication (Dylan Shacker)

Working Groups:

Coal Collaboration (Peter Cain)

Conferences (Ferri Hassani)

Canadian Mining Schools (Donna Beneteau)

CIM Professional Development (Donna Beneteau)

Safety (Lead: Peter Cain)

Technical Publications (Ali Madiseh, Donna Beneteau)

Historically the UMS has contributed by:

  • Helping to organize MEMO (Maintenance Engineering Mine Operators) Conferences, in conjunction with the Maintenance and Engineering Society, the hosting CIM branch, and CIM National;
  • Promote, chair, solicit papers for Technical Sessions at the CIM Convention
  • Provide peer review of technical papers for publication in the CIM Journal;
  • Promote mini conferences on specific topics of interest to UMS members.

The UMS offers sponsorship for events and initiatives associated with underground mining. To have your request be considered, please complete and submit the sponsorship request form at least one month prior to the date the sponsorship is required. All requests must be reviewed during a monthly CIM UMS meeting before they can be approved. 

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Tim Skinner, Distinguished Service Award Winner 2019

CIM really is the strongest representation of what mining is.