Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc)


Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc)

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The Metallurgy and Materials Society Metallurgists have been active in CIM from its inception in 1898. In 1945, the Metallurgy Division was formed to reflect the group’s technical interests. Constituted as a Society in 1967, the Metallurgical Society (MetSoc) is one of the four societies and five divisions making up the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum. In October of 2010, the Society adopted their new name The Metallurgy and Materials Society.

The Society is composed of seven technical sections, representing the technical diversity of the metals, minerals and materials community, and of five standing committees dedicated to the various member services of the Society. Each section and committee establishes a yearly program of activities in response to its member’s interests.

The main purpose of the sections is to create forums for the sharing of ideas or the analysis of problems. Representatives of each section are responsible for the organization of technical meetings and symposia to deal with current issues in their area of expertise. These events occur at the Annual Conference of Metallurgists, the Hydrometallurgy Annual Meeting, and the CIM Annual General Meeting or at specific international symposia and regional meetings.

The organization of short courses, workshops, seminars, symposia or special publication projects are considered by the sections who collaborate with the appropriate standing committees in order to achieve their goals.

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Jeff Cassoff, Senior mining engineer and team leader, BBA and Montreal Branch Chair

I've been with CIM since I was a student. CIM keeps me connected with the industry and my colleagues and up to speed on new developments. I'm very proud to be part of CIM.