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Our branch consists of both mining operations and suppliers/vendors from many areas/communities across BC and Yukon. We strive to promote mining as a positive industry with valuable contributions to the local economies.

The branch values education and has been a strong supporter of mining-related education for decades. The branch regularly contributes to the Mining Association of BC’s Mineral Resource Education fund and has a bursary committee to distribute bursaries annually to students with a connection to the branch. 

The largest mine in the area, Highland Valley Copper, is located about 50 km from Kamloops, where more than half of its employees live. Kelowna now has no operating mines, but remains one of the focal towns of the branch, as it was the original site of CIM in the region. The branch faced a real challenge of keeping membership alive during the last low metal price cycle, which caused a great decrease in mining activity in the area. Several branches shut down during this period, and the survival of the South Central Branch is proof of the strong mining tradition within the community and of the demand for not only technical support but fellowship and networking that is the very foundation of CIM.

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Lana Eagle, Senior Consultant, Lana Eagle Consulting

I really feel inclusion means belonging, and certainly with the changes that are occurring at CIM and the direction we’re now moving in, it feels like a great organization to belong to.