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In relation to coal, oil from oil sands, metal, and industrial mineral production; including geology, environmental management, financing, mining, processing, transportation, utilization, and marketing:

  • Promote and encourage education to convince young people to pursue careers in the minerals industry.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information and data on all subjects.
  • Educate the general public about the mining industry; particularly, its commitment to the environment and contribution to the energy sector of the economy.
  • Facilitate fellowship among the members.             

The Branch has a strong education program to aid students and promote the profession. Every year, the Branch gives an award for the top participant at the regional science fair with a topic related to mining. The University of Calgary does not offer mining engineering, though it does have a geology and environmental programs. Each year the branch sponsors a $1500 scholarship for the top applicant related to these disciplines.

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Marilyn Spink, CIM Distinguished Lecturer 2018-2019

CIM membership’s value for me over my career has been personal development – from developing leadership skills, feeding my hunger for learning, debating new ideas, understanding diverse perspectives, building relationships, coaching and being coached, and getting over my fear of public speaking!