Boyd Davis


Boyd Davis


CIM Fellowship


McParland Memorial Award for Excellence in Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability

(Biography from 1977) Boyd Davis completed his undergraduate degree in engineering chemistry and masters and Ph.D. in metallurgical engineering at Queen’s University. He began consulting in computational thermochemistry and then founded Kingston Process Metallurgy Inc. with Alain Roy in 2002. The company provides chemical process development for clients around the world and integrates lab and pilot work with economic and technical feasibility. It also runs an accelerator for start-up companies in the chem tech space.

Davis has had a long history of engagement with CIM's Metallurgy and Materials Society and has been on the board of directors twice, serving as the society president in 2014.  He has organized a symposium with Joel Kapusta on New Technology Implementation once every nine years and was the initiator and co-chair of Extraction 2018 in Ottawa.  

In addition to company technical work, Davis continues to volunteer to supervise undergrad and graduate students, currently numbering over two dozen students, and also guest lectures.