Update on CIM Whistleblower Policy


Update on CIM's Whistleblower Policy

20 February 2024

The strength and integrity of our community are essential to CIM, and we want to understand when we, as individuals or as an organization, are not living up to these values. Allowing our members and volunteers to submit anonymous reports helps us improve how we operate.

In our ongoing efforts to ensure that CIM remains a safe and sustainable community for all, we have, after a thorough review, updated our Whistleblower Policy. These changes are designed to empower our members, volunteers, branches, societies, committees, suppliers and employees to report any instances of misconduct, wrongdoing or unethical behaviour without fear of retaliation and to reinforce the overall integrity of our organization.

CIM’s Whistleblower Policy is a crucial component of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, transparency and accountability within our organization.

The policy addresses aspects including:

  • Violations of conduct requiring reporting
  • Questions around confidentiality
  • Protection against retaliation
  • Protocols for both the reporting of violations and the handling of such reports.

For any questions or concerns related to the updated Whistleblower Policy, please contact:

Angela Hamlyn

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