Nomination process

Award nominations - what you need to know

2017 Awards
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Call for nominations : Now open!

Submission deadline: January 25

Who can nominate a candidate?

CIM house awards are nominated by and/or awarded to CIM members only, while sponsored awards are open for general nomination. Members of the Awards Judging committee shall not be party to the nomination process. 

How do I nominate a candidate?

Each award has its own conditions. Please ensure that the nominee meets the criteria. Download the Awards recognition and conditions grid to find out more about each award and what it takes to submit a complete nomination. 

  1. Click on Nominate a candidate.
  2. Click on the Award name for which you wish to submit a nomination. 
IMPORTANT:  In total, 24 awards are up for nomination each year, some with more than one category. Nomination goes as follows:

Supporting documents

  • Nominations must be submitted with one or several supporting pieces such as the candidate’s CV, biography, published articles or other required materials.
  • Nominations for the Distinguished Lecturers must include a lecture abstract. 
  • All requirements are clearly listed on each of the nomination pages. 

Download the awards brochure.