Julian Boldy Geological Society Service Award


Julian Boldy Geological Society Service Award

For exceptional service to the Geological Society of CIM

Origins & Conditions


Born in Calcutta, India, on May 28, 1931, Julian Boldy received his education at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, before immigrating to Canada in 1956. After being recruited by Falconbridge Group, Boldy went on to discover the Delbridge deposit in Noranda. He later joined Freeport Minerals as a geologist, discovering the Reed Lake deposit in Manitoba, before eventually joining Placer Development.

Boldy was very well known for his published papers, which earned him great acclaim across the industry. One of his most famous papers analyzing Precambrian volcanogenic ore deposits, “(Un)Certain Exploration Facts from Figures,” would earn him the Barlow Award for economic geology.

Boldy passed away at the age of 53, on January 22, 1985. In memoriam, the Julian Boldy Geological Society Service Award was created the following year.

The Julian Boldy Geological Society Service Award criteria and other information:

  1. The Award may be presented from time to time as circumstances warrant, but not more than one award shall be made in any given year.
  2. Nominations for the award shall be made over the signatures of at least ten (10) CIM national members and forwarded to the Executive Director of the Institute by December 1st of the year prior to the presentation of the award, who will forward these to the Geological Society Awards Committee.
  3. Each nomination is to be accompanied by a statement giving clearly the reasons which, in the opinion of the nominators, make their nominee a suitable candidate for this award.
  4. The Geological Society Awards Committee shall make its decision on any nomination not later than February 1st.
  5. The Committee shall present its report and recommendations to CIM Council not later than the last Council meeting held prior to the next annual CIM Conference & Exhibition.
  6. When approved, the Awards shall be presented at the annual CIM Conference & Exhibition.
  7. All nominations properly presented shall remain in good standing for a period of three (3) years unless formally withdrawn over the signatures of a majority of members responsible for the nomination.


There is only one recipient of this award every year. This award is solely for individual nominations (no teams).

Nominate a candidate

Nominate a candidate



Theresa Nyabeze

Theresa Nyabeze is a professional mining engineer with over twenty years of experience in the mining industry in engineering and in operations. Over the years, she has gained the diverse experience necessary to fully support the governance of mineral resources and reserves.  Starting out as a short-range underground mine planner responsible for producing day to day drilling and blasting layouts, development prints and operations scheduling, she then transitioned to creating mine design packages, life of mine plans inclusive of infrastructure considerations and writing of supporting reports while collaborating with multidisciplinary teams. Adding to her engineering experience, she worked underground as a front-line supervisor, providing leadership to crews to better understand the impact of mine engineering plans on the execution of work.   

Her diverse hands-on experience is instrumental in her ability to contribute effectively to issues pertaining to the estimation of mineral reserves and resources along with their related governance in various regulatory environments for public disclosure, process standardization and risk management.  She interacts with various technical groups and promotes dialogue on topics pertaining to mining resources and mineral reserves.  

Theresa’s personal motto is “Take care of people and the rest will follow” with the strong belief that technical excellence is enabled by inclusive work environments. She has received many accolades for her contributions to both her community of Sudbury and to Canada. Most notable among these awards are the Canadian “40 Under Forty” award from Northern Ontario Business and inclusion among the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women. She is also a proud alumnus of the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference. 


Christopher Collins

Chris Collins is retiring as chief mining advisor at the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC)  in May. He has been in this role since 2014, leading a team focused on NI 43-101 and the Canadian mining securities disclosure regime. 

Prior to the BCSC, he held executive roles in Toronto based junior exploration companies, Apogee Silver Ltd. and Gold Eagle Mines Ltd. There he led teams with projects in Bolivia, Chile and Red Lake, Ontario, respectively. Before this he was director of ALS Laboratories Group Eastern Canada operations. 

Collins started his career over 35 years ago with Noranda Exploration in Newfoundland before moving to the Brunswick #12 Mine in Bathurst, New Brunswick. While with Noranda in Bathurst he also led exploration projects in Brazil, Norway, and Chile. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. He is a professional geoscientist registered in both British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador.