Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper


Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper

For the best geological paper published in CIM publications during the preceding year

Origins & Conditions


Born on June 17, 1861, Alfred Ernest Barlow joined the Geological Survey of Canada in 1883, where he would help to define some of Canada’s most prolific mining regions. Barlow was the first geologist to recognize the Huronian belt in Ontario as a mineral rich location, and he wrote the book on the nickel and copper deposits of Sudbury. He served as president of CIM from 1912 until his untimely death in 1914. The Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper was created in his honour, annually awarding a gold medal to those who publish the best paper on economic geology.

The Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper criteria and other information:

  1. The award is presented annually, and there may be more than one recipient in any given year. 
  2. The winning paper will be selected by the Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper Committee, chaired by the Vice-President-Elect of the Geological Society.
  3. The Committee shall present its report and recommendations to CIM Council not later than the last Council prior to the CIM Conference & Exhibition.
  4. When reasonably possible, the recipient shall be expected to receive the award in person during the course of the CIM Conference & ExhIbition following the announcement of the award, or at such a time or place as CIM Council may direct.


There is only one recipient of this award every year. This award is for both individual or team nominations.



Myron Osatenko

"Geology, geochemistry, and age of the Kwanika porphyry Cu deposits, British Columbia"

Myron Osatenko is a retired exploration geologist who maintains a strong interest in porphyry copper geology. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a MSc in 1967 and joined Cominco Exploration. 

Osatenko’s work over the pat 35 years was mostly in western and northern parts of North America and later in Latin America, searching for porphyry copper, stratabound gold, epithermal and Mississippi Valley Type deposits. This work encompassed grassroots exploration as well as work in various capacities on the Highland Valley Copper, Bethlehem, New Prosperity and Pebble Copper porphyry deposits. 

After Cominco Osatenko joined Serengeti Resources and was involved in the Kwanika porphyry discovery. For this work he and David Moore were awarded the Spud Huestis award for excellence in mineral exploration.


Hugh Samson

"Geology, geochemistry, and age of the Kwanika porphyry Cu deposits, British Columbia"