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The New Brunswick Branch of CIM is based in Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick and is the only mining-related association in the province that has membership available for the general public. Our Branch services not only the Fredericton area but also the formerly active Bathurst base metal and Sussex potash mining camps. Membership comprises a very diverse group spanning resource exploration, prospecting, mining and minerals processing, energy, the service sector, government, academia and consulting.

The Branch will continue to actively pursue opportunities to expand its influence in the ongoing education of the New Brunswick community with respect enhancing its understanding of the role of the minerals and metal sector in their lives.

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Member Spotlight

Aasin Mehmud, Director, International Mining at Caterpillar Financial

CIM has kept me connected with my mining family. People is the most important part of Caterpillar’s business, so getting our customers solutions is our goal. CIM is that bridge to our relationships with our customers and our friends and family in the industry.