Converting Waste to Revenue

Converting Waste to Revenue

with Allan Cramm, VP Innovation & Development, Anaconda Mining

January 16, 2019 | 2:00 – 2:30 PM EST



Anaconda Mining has successfully turned its mine waste into a saleable construction aggregates product and is now working with Memorial University, Grenfell Campus, to create an agricultural product from its mineral processing waste, providing sustainable revenue sources beyond just gold mining.

Why attend?

This webinar will change the way one views mining. It has been demonstrated that mining can be a sustainable industry that can provide the many minerals and products needed to improve the world we live in. The collaboration with peers, colleagues and researchers has demonstrated there is more to a mine than meets the eye.

This webinar provides participants with current updates on various initiatives that our company has undertaken to extract value from waste!   

About the presenter

Allan Cramm is vice president of innovation and development with Anaconda Mining and a certified mining engineering technician registered with the Association of Technicians and Technologists in Newfoundland & Labrador. He continues to engage researchers in universities on both sides of the Atlantic to create a commercial agriculture product from process fines (tailings). Cramm has been involved in various management, supervisory and engineering roles associated with mining for the past 35 years (both open pit and underground). He has a high regard for environmental protection with some associated projects recognized provincially and nationally for their attention to environmental stewardship. He has received several awards for his contributions over the years including the 2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee Award and the Sam Blagdon Award for contribution to the community through mining activity. In June 2017, he was awarded an honorary membership with PEGNL and in 2018, was inducted into the International Mining Hall of Fame. Cramm has been invited to serve on many industry and academic boards, committees and association including the Private Sector Advisory Committee for the development of the province of Newfoundland’s Business Innovation Agenda, the Memorial University-Process Engineering Advisory Board, the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters-Newfoundland-Central Improvement Network, the advisory board of the Harris Center, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Natural Resources Canada - Green Mining Initiative Advisory Committee. He is the First Year Vice President, Eastern District of CIM.