CIM Webinar

Distributed CNG / LNG Production and Supply for Mines in Canada

with Andrew Wilkins
Vice President, Business Development and Marketing
Distributed Gas Solutions Canada LP (DGSC)

Thursday May 21st, 2:00 to 2:30 PM EST


Canadian mining companies with existing operations and projects in development are facing challenges to reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs. 

For both grid connected and off grid mines, traditional fossil fuels are procured for power generation, heating and process applications and for trucks.  Given massive domestic reserves, relatively low and stable commodity pricing as well as environmental benefits compared to higher carbon fossil fuels, natural gas can assist in the sustainable growth of the Canadian mining sector. As macro-economic factors including federal carbon reduction initiatives and tighter international marine fuel sulfur regulations take effect, risks associated with the procurement of incumbent fuels are increasing over time. A wide variety of power generators, mining process equipment and heavy trucks that operate on natural gas are field proven and available to the mining sector.  The challenge in supplying natural gas to remote areas has been the availability of physical pipelines. 

Distributed Gas Solutions Canada (DGSC), a partnership formed in 2017, provides turnkey Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and supply solutions customized to mining end user needs anywhere in Canada. DGSC invests in micro-liquefaction facilities connected to the pipeline as close as possible to end users, and deploys Virtual Pipeline supply chain solutions to deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective LNG to mining clients. Given the environmental and economic benefits of LNG versus higher carbon fuels, learn more about why LNG is becoming the transition fuel of the 21st century!

Who should attend and why?

Who – Mining sector investors, executives and energy managers

Why – To diversify and reduce both economic and environmental risk in fossil fuel procurement

About the presenter

Since 2017, Andrew Wilkins has been Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at Distributed Gas Solutions Canada (DGSC), an innovative turnkey LNG and CNG solutions provider. 

Prior to DGSC, he was employed for five years by ABB where he was Director of Business Development for DC traction power substations and energy storage systems with rail transit authorities across North America.

He was also fortunate to have spent seven years in the renewable energy business as National Sales Manager with Matrix Energy, a provider of turnkey solar PV and wind power systems. 

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science with a major in physics and minor in management from McGill University in 1997.