Kim Bittman


Kim Bittman


CIM Fellowship

Kim Bittman has spent the last 36 years of her career as an environmental professional that supports the mining community, beginning in Tumbler Ridge, BC and thereafter in Vancouver at mine corporate offices and as president of her own consulting firm. Early in her career as the manager of the environmental department at an open-pit coal mine, she became keenly interested in mine reclamation and sustainability issues. This in turn led her to be a member of many committees where she wished to focus on her strong belief that mining can be successfully reclaimed to restore pre-mining biodiversity and Community/First Nation land use desires, and to promote Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) standards in mining. She has been a long-time member and honorary member/webmaster of the BC Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation (TRCR). She was vice-chair of the Land Access and Use Committee of AMEBC until 2019 and also served as an executive of the CIM Environmental and Social Responsibility Society. She now represents AME at the BC Code Review Committee of the BC Ministry of Mines.