James Logan


James Logan


Barlow Medal for Best Geological Paper

"Geology, geochemistry, and age of the Kwanika porphyry Cu deposits, British Columbia"

James M. Logan obtained a B.Sc. degree from Brock University in 1977 and a M.Sc. degree at the University of British Columbia in 1986. 

After graduation he joined the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines and carried out 1:50,000 scale regional mapping and mineral deposit studies in northwest (Stikine and Iskut rivers Cu-Au±Mo porphyry belt), central (Quesnel Cu-Mo and Cu-Au porphyry belt) and southeast (Bayonne Au, Mo-W intrusion-related mineralized belt) British Columbia. 

In 2015 Logan started his own consulting business. He is a Professional Geoscientist registered in the Province of British Columbia and a fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists.