Dr. Daniel Marshall


CIM Distinguished Lecturers

Dan Marshall is a professor of geochemistry in the Earth Sciences Department at Simon Fraser University, specializing in economic geology and fluid-rock interaction. His ore deposit studies have focused primarily on gold and silver deposits worldwide. His current research projects include gold, silver and gem mineralization.

Distinguished Lecturer 2016-17

Lecture Abstract


Melt inclusions of native-silver and native-bismuth at Cobalt, Ontario. Model for native-metal enrichments comparing natural samples with experimental and in-situ studies

Cobalt, Ontario is renowned for the 12.6 billion grams (445 million ounces) of silver produced from the area since its discovery in 1903. Based on our studies of natural and synthetic systems we are able to formulate a new model for silver transport, deposition and enrichment based on immiscible systems of molten precious metals and hyper-saline brines. These observations are consistent with silver inside these solid-silver inclusions melting at approximately 300 to 350 °C.