Dr. Cameron Harris


CIM Distinguished Lecturers

Dr. Cameron Harris has 30 years of experience in metallurgical plant design, construction, commissioning and company management. He is experienced in all aspects of technical and financial project feasibility determinations from process conceptualization to fundamental research and development (R&D), and through detailed process design to detailed engineering, construction and start-up of small to major installations.

Dr. Harris’ areas of particular expertise include base metal production; pyro-metallurgy; process development and design; smelter operations; design; construction and start-up; environmental compliance; fundamental research; company management; business development and technology marketing.

Dr. Harris is also knowledgeable about cutting edge information technology such as IT/OT integration and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Distinguished Lecturer 2017-18

Lecture Abstract


“The Mining Industry: So we’ve survived … What now?”

The extended downturn in metals prices has presented great challenges to the Mining Industry, but has delivered positive outcomes, from the necessary trimming of cost to ensure survival, in the form of significantly increased productivity, and improved focus on core business. However, less apparent negative outcomes are beginning to surface that are likely to threaten recovery as the tough times depart us.

Opinions about the manner in which the industry comes out of the trough and the actions needed to be taken to best profit from the recovery will be offered. Topics such as the impact of advanced technology, efficiency vs redundancy, optimization vs complexity, loss of skills, and short-term market expectations vs growth will be addressed.