Debra Shewfelt


Debra Shewfelt


Diversity & Inclusion Award

As senior geologist, co-president and board member of RESPEC Consulting Inc., Debra Shewfelt draws on nearly two decades of career experience to drive the growth of a diverse team and inspire girls and young women to consider non-traditional STEM careers in mining and minerals. Her leadership at the workplace and through volunteer organizations exemplify her passion for creating equal opportunities, leading STEM educational outreach activities in communities, and advancing the inclusion of underrepresented groups such as women and Indigenous peoples. Shewfelt values mentorship as a volunteer effort, in projects such as MentorSTEP, an Indigenous female STEM mentorship program. She founded the "Girls In The Classroom—Unearthing Career Opportunities in Mining" K-12 educational outreach program ( Her passion for environment and sustainability drives the success of a new group in the Canadian office that focuses on water, environment and alternative energy projects in communities.