CIM’s fresh look blends history and vision for the future


CIM’s fresh look blends history and vision for the future 

12 May 2024

One of the positives of the “lockdown” during the COVID-19 pandemic is that it gave us time. Time to remember, reassess, reimagine. In the case of CIM, we emerged with new insight, perspective, and a drive to modernize our look. It’s been decades since we last tweaked our brand. It was time to reflect the energy, engagement and vitality of the CIM community in our visual identity.  

Evolving leadership 

Our industry is transforming during a time of broad societal shifts. Digitalization, changing workforces, high demand for minerals and elevated expectations for how they are produced are driving this change.   

We continue to focus on expanding leading practices, professional development and technical expertise. Our vision is the same as yours. We want to see the industry continue to grow in productivity, transparency, inclusivity and sustainability. 

Introducing the mineral maple leaf 

Our new look is designed around a vibrant colour palette, fresh typography and modern imagery. It embodies our rich history and a clear vision for a future of renewed collaboration, membership and engagement.  

If you attended CIM CONNECT in Vancouver, you witnessed its unveiling. If you weren’t there, you’ll see the new visual identity across our many media platforms. We’re thrilled to be writing a new chapter for CIM with you.  

After more than 125 years, this Institute is as vital and relevant as ever. Our updated look represents a comprehensive approach to CIM’s graphic identity that will help showcase the valuable work CIM volunteers do every day within the larger minerals, metals and energy sectors.   

This is the moment that our image embodies our evolution. 

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