CIM partners with Zero Nexus


CIM partners with Zero Nexus

01 March 2024

CIM and Zero Nexus unveil strategic collaboration to advance mining education and sustainability

CIM and Zero Nexus jointly announce their collaboration, signifying a pivotal advancement in the delivery of virtual technical content and sustainable practices in the mining industry.

This Memorandum of Collaboration is a testament to our shared dedication to professional growth, knowledge exchange, and the pursuit of sustainable mining practices. Through this partnership, we aim to enrich the CIM community with unparalleled educational resources and foster a future where responsible mining is the norm.

These joint initiatives and objectives include:

Innovative Educational Content: The launch of “Electric Vehicles for Mining 101” as an on-demand course through the CIM Academy, scheduled for early Q2 2024.

Interactive Learning Experiences: The CIM Short Course “Adoption Strategies and the Challenges for BEVs in Mines” to be delivered at CIM CONNECT, CIM's annual convention and expo. This year, CIM CONNECT will be in Vancouver, May 12-15.

Our commitment to the community:

This collaboration is grounded in our mutual commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and responsible innovation in the mining industry. We look forward to providing the CIM community with content that is not only educational but also instrumental in driving transformation within the industry.

Roles and responsibilities:

Zero Nexus: Leading in content creation and ensuring vendor-neutral and educational content and participating in event preparations and delivery.

CIM National: Facilitating the content delivery platform, managing registrations, formatting content for the CIM Academy, and ensuring a seamless user experience.

About CIM

CIM is Canada’s leading technical industry resource for the minerals, metals, materials and petroleum sectors. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, facilitating innovation, celebrating excellence and promoting sustainable practices across the full spectrum of our industry.

About Zero Nexus

Zero Nexus specializes in the Electrification of hard-to-electrifyindustries. We equip mineral producers, tech startups, and OEMs with essential tools, research, and training. Our commitment to open information and collaborative progress drives our mission towards a greener, more sustainable industrial future.