CIM impact report


 CIM impact report

29 January 2024

A snapshot of growth, innovation and the power of community

CIM’s recently released Impact Report provides an overview of the organization's activities from July to December 2023. The numbers presented within its pages underscore the indispensable contributions of CIM and its dedicated volunteers to the industry. 

Just in the last six months, CIM branches, societies and committees have led webinars and events that have served over 4000 people interested in learning more and networking.  

Two key highlights are the newly published CIM Environmental, Social and Governance Guidelines for Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Estimation and the newly updated CIM Industrial Minerals Leading Practice Guidelines. Both have gained significant traction across the industry, which demonstrates how CIM and its volunteers can shape industry practices.  

One particularly exciting aspect of the report is the spotlight on the Mine Evolution video game. Now entering classrooms across Canada, this fun and innovative tool not only teaches users about the value of mining but also presents the industry as a viable career option.  

Take a moment to peruse the CIM Impact Report and discover how the numbers reflect the dedication and community engagement of CIM volunteers and the pivotal role we all play in shaping a responsible and sustainable future for the Canadian resource industry. 

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