Somewhere over the limits of our perception


Somewhere over the limits of our perception

Rosemary Mantini - 04 July 2023

This article, written in 2020 by Nermina Harambasic, founder of O-Mod and member of CIM's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC), remains as relevant and instructive as it was when it was first published on DIAC's Linkedin page. 

Diversity of thought, skills, styles, expertise, perspectives, experiences, … Complex operations need a multitude of talents to achieve their purposes. Many do, some with exceptional success. Having a team of talented and dedicated people is one of the key differentiators.

A spectrum of talents is expanded through the inclusion of diverse groups, and each one of them adds new skill sets not necessarily present within the “standard talent pool”.

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DIAC does important work within the minerals and metals industry. Visit their webpage to join a webinar, watch a video, make a business case for diversity in the workplace and so much more.