ESG Guidelines


CIM ESG Guidelines

Jennifer Breaux - 13 October 2023

After more than five years in the making, the CIM Environmental, Social and Governance Guidelines for Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Estimation (ESG Guidelines) is now available. These guidelines provide good, industry-accepted leading practices for practitioners at all levels of skill and experience. 

The ESG Guidelines provide guidance for those using environmental, social, governmental and governance information when preparing and implementing mineral exploration programs and contributing to the preparation of mineral resource and mineral reserve estimates for mineral properties that are either at the study stage (i.e., scoping/preliminary economic assessment, pre-feasibility, or feasibility studies) or in operation. 

The guidelines can also be used to help mineral resource and mining companies apply good practice to manage their environmental and social risks and opportunities. Companies can identify and retain appropriate professionals to prepare environmental and social materials to support company studies. The guidelines are also a resource for companies developing effective environmental and social management strategies at any project stage. 


The CIM Environmental, Social and Governance Guidelines for Mineral Resource and Mineral Reserve Estimation were produced by industry experts in the environmental, social and governance sectors of the mining industry, including the CIM Environmental and Social Responsibility Society (ESRS) and in collaboration with the CIM Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (MRMR) Committee.

ESRS's vision is to provide leadership and professional development opportunities as they relate to the social and environmental responsibility and performance of the Canadian mining industry. ESRS encourages leading practices, a culture of responsibility, and enhanced social and environmental performance management of the industry through collaboration with all interested and affected parties.

The Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves (MRMR) Committee develops and defines the standards, leading practices and guidelines that are intended to foster greater standardization of reporting within the public domain, specifically under NI 43-101.

The ESG Guidelines have drawn on the expertise of over 20 industry practitioners with various backgrounds and representation who have contributed to the discussion on environmental, social, governmental and governance factors. CIM would like to thank its members for their support in the preparation of this document and acknowledge the following people who contributed to the development and review of this guidance:

  • David Forrester
  • Doina Priscu
  • Jeff Geipel
  • Jenifer Hill
  • Kim Bittman
  • Mark Wittrup
  • Michel Julien
  • Derek Riehm


In addition to others, CIM would like to recognize Reno Pressacco for invaluable advice and direction.


The guidance document was revised based on review and comments received during a peer review period from September to October 2021. CIM and the Working Group Members appreciate the comments received from peer reviewers.

A public comment period ran from 13 February to 13 June 2022. The Working Group appreciates these comments and perspectives that have helped improve and shape the final document.

Next Steps

The ESG Guidelines are being translated into French and will be available by the 2024 CIM Annual Convention. In the meantime, they are available in English here.