Women's History Month


Women's History Month

04 October 2022


To celebrate the outstanding achievements of women throughout the history of the mining industry, we've put together this reading list.

Mining History

The curious talents and tales of the Baroness de Beausoleil
Martine Bertereau, the world’s first recorded female mineralogist, had unconventional methods for locating ore deposits

Klondike Kate
Shaaw Tláa, part of the prospecting group that kicked off the Yukon gold rush, is finally recognized for essential role in Canada’s mining history

The female pioneers of prospecting
Female prospectors in the California, Klondike, and Nevada mining booms fought sexism and claim thieving to be taken seriously

Remembering Canada’s mining doyenne
The colourful history of Viola MacMillan

Kathleen Rice: Trailblazing the Manitoba wilds
In a field dominated by men, Kathleen Rice forged her own path through constant adversity to become Canada's first female prospector.


Women of Innovation - aussi disponible en français​
The stories of 20 inspiring and innovative women engineers in Canada

Women of Impact
A celebration of women’s achievements in science and engineering

We are Mining 

“We have been able to train our eyes to not see it”
PDAC award-winning consultant Lana Eagle wants mining companies to understand the history of residential schools. En francais

The tightrope between two worlds
Martha Manuel is building partnerships with First Nations at New Gold’s B.C. operations, but this often means walking a fine line between the cultural beliefs she’s been raised with and the industry she works in. En francais

Checking the pulse on gender equity
At the University of Saskatchewan, Jocelyn Peltier-Huntley is researching the state of diversity and inclusion in today’s mining industry. 

Respect, hard-won
From hourly labourer to supervisor, Lynn Brunette has proven she (and other women) can succeed in mining

Clothing as culture
Covergalls founder Alicia Woods wants women to feel they belong in the industry. Part of our We Are Mining series

On the frontline of the push for gender equity in mining
Over a decades-long career, Barbara Caelles advocated for gender equity and developed strong networks for women in British Columbia’s mining industry.

More We are Mining stories

Diversity and Inclusion

"We engineer for everyone, so engineering should be for everyone"
Amanda Kalhous says diversity of thought is key for innovation and engineering

​Gaining Insights on Career Satisfaction for Women in Mining
This paper presents experiences and views of “Women in Mining” as determined from a survey conducted with women across the Canadian mining industry.

Fly-in-fly-out Operations: Opportunities and Challenges for Women in the Canadian Mining Industry
Is the intermittent nature of fly-in-fly-out model challenging the place women have achieved in the mining workforce? Are the female employees being forced out of the future Canadian mining?

Mining mentorship programs abound but don’t solve industry’s retention challenge
Mentorship programs have their benefits but shouldn’t be the only solution to mining’s diversity problem. 

Tell Us How Do You D&I - Cameco
Cameco has made several commitments to focus their business targets around diversity initiatives that are inclusive, safe and sustainable