I, scientist program: giving young people the skills needed to thrive in an uncertain world


I, scientist program: giving young people the skills needed to thrive in an uncertain world 

14 October 2022

The world is changing faster than ever, and young people are facing serious emotional, physical, social and global challenges. What is the one thing they will need to succeed in an increasingly uncertain world? Nature has the answer: The most successful systems in nature don’t just adapt, they are adaptable; They don’t just tolerate change, they thrive because of it. Neuroscience research has shown that adaptability is essential for our well-being. It’s also essential for the success of an organization, industry or even a country, which is why adaptability is the number one skill sought by business leaders around the world. 

Professor Beau Lotto – a keynote speaker featured at the 2022 CIM Convention – and his Lab of Misfits have been studying uncertainty for 30 years. They are world leaders in understanding how the human brain adapts to and thrives in uncertainty. Now, they’re applying their expertise to help young people through a special program called I, scientist.

The program is already running in the UK where it has not only transformed young people’s perceptions of themselves and the world, but it also resulted in the world’s youngest published scientists at 8-to-10 years old, and the youngest ever mainstage TED speaker at 12 years old.  

Now, I, scientist is coming to Canada.   

Dr. Doris Hiam-Galvez, Senior Advisor at Hatch, is recruiting science teachers and their classes to take part in a first-of-its-kind learning experience in North America. Participation is FREE. (Find Dr. Hiam-Galvez's contact details below to join the program or to find out more.) Over the course of 5 days, I, scientist participants will connect virtually with 14- and 15-year-old students in 100 schools across the country. Let’s infuse the love of learning and the love of science by changing the way students learn! Be a scientist by doing science.  

How does it work?    

Beginning Spring 2023, classes will work with Beau Lotto and his Lab of Misfits on hands-on activities that foster the development of the 8Cs of science. 

Science is much more than the scientific method. Great scientists Care about expanding their understanding throughout life. They have the Courage and Curiosity to question their own beliefs, as well as the believes and assumptions they inherited. They are Compassionate towards the diversity of ideas and people, knowing that diversity is the engine of evolution. They understand that all of us - indeed life itself - are Connected to one another, and so are driven to add positively to the world beyond themselves. They think Critically, and are Committed to hard work, which is required to create unique insights into the self, others and the world. Finally, great scientists feel Complete at every step along the way, since they know that it is the pursuit of understanding that is the destination. These 8Cs, as well as the spiral processes of the scientific method, are inherent in ‘being a great scientist’. 

Those of you who work within the minerals and metals industry know how important education and imagination are to innovation within your disciplines. If you know a teacher or students who would love to take part in this special opportunity, get in touch!  

What will participants do?  

Teachers and students will create a unique science experiment. Which means they—and we—don’t yet know what the discovery will be. The process will run for five consecutive days for five hours a day. 

Day 1 (Wonder) Sparking curiosity. People who care ask questions

Day 2 (Why?) Asking great questions is an iterative process

Day 3 (What if?) Designing experiments that address their questions

Day 4 (Wow!) Capturing the data and making sense of it

Day 5 (Who Cares?) Considering the larger impact of their observations

During these 5 days, students will come to embody the 8Cs and in doing so take the first steps to becoming a more adaptable human being. Teachers will also deepen their professional training and expand their understanding of real science and how to teach it. 

The day to day experience  

Each day teachers and students will enter Prof. Beau Lotto's virtual ‘experiential science lab’ called the Lab of Misfits. This means classes will become real research scientists working with an internationally renowned neuroscientist. Classes will also work with other classes from up to 100 schools across Canada. Share questions, data and observations, which might even result in a scientific paper! 

When: For the students: Spring 2023. For the teachers we will begin recruiting in the Autumn of 2022. We will start with 3 group-meetings between the teachers, Dr. Beau Lotto (Founder and Head of the Lab of Misfits), Dr. Richard Clark (Head of Science at the Lab of Misfits) and Dave Strudwick (Head of Education at the Lab of Misfits). During these sessions, we will discuss exactly what to expect in detail and how to prepare the class for the experience. Teachers will become foundational members of the growing I, scientist community of teachers, with whom they will be able to share and expand their experience. 

Where: Online. What’s more, there will be no financial cost to your school. This is important. Instead, we want the investment to be in time, and in challenging participants to consider different approaches to student learning. We also want students to work hard and discover something about their world and themselves. 

To receive more details and to express your note of interest in taking part, please  contact: 

Dr. R. Beau Lotto at 

Dr. Doris Hiam-Galvez at