New on CIM Academy


New on CIM Academy

17 November 2021


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ADDED IN NOVEMBER 2021: Open Access Webinar from ESRS

Managing the Hidden Risks of Mine Waste Facilities | Karen Chovan, Rosemary Niechcial, Zoe Coull

ADDED IN OCTOBER 2021: Open Access Webinars

Ore Deposit Production – Geometallurgy Basics and Advances | Kevan Ford

Drilling Accuracy – Reducing Dilution Improving Recovery| Ryan Stimpson

ESG and Mining Robert K. MugoJeff Geipel


Short Course: Corrosion in Energy Sectors | Dr. Alec Groysman, Dr. Jamie Noël, Dr. Victor Padilla, Dr. Hao Zhang

Open Access Webinar: Utilizing Curved Trough Conveyor Technology vs. Conventional Conveyors | Anthony Williams, Gabriel Moniz

Short Course: Chloride Metallurgy | Bryn Harris, Michael Moats, John Goode, David Dreisinger, Edouard Asselin, Frank Baerhold

ADDED IN JULY 2021: Open Access Webinars

Take Control of your Water with Multiflo Pontoon BargesKris Kielar

ISO 23875: New Cab Air Quality Standard | Jeff Moredock, Guillaume Lachapelle, Austin Browne

Synthetic High-Resolution Block Model for Benchmarking Mining Technologies | Mehmet Altinpinar

The Truth About Population Balance Modeling | Robert McIvor

Compliance and Reporting in Geometallurgical Sampling | Adam Johnston

XploreIQ Successfully Using Machine Learning in Mineral Exploration | Marc-Antoine Laporte

ADDED IN JUNE 2021: Open Access Webinars

Using Science to Maximize Sorting Efficiency | Jane Danoczi, Peng Luo and Steven Creighton

Ground Control Management Plans – Content and Some Important Considerations in Managing Geotechnical Risk | Jim Galvin

Underground Uranium Mining GDR | Dietrich Bauer

Recent Trends in the Effective Management of Safety in the Global Mining Industry | Glenn Lyle