Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) now an independent legal entity


Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) now an independent legal entity

October 27, 2021 Montreal, Quebec, Canada — Yesterday the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) signed an agreement whereby GMG will formally become an independent legal entity, after nine years as a special committee under CIM’s Surface Mining Society.

CIM was a significant contributor to the genesis and development of GMG, which as an independent organization, will continue to bring value to the extended global mining industry. A special thank you goes to CIM as well as the many people and organizations that have enabled GMG to grow.

GMG and CIM would also like to thank Gillian Holcroft, who will be stepping down as GMG’s interim managing director and acknowledge her valuable contributions in this role. Ms. Holcroft will continue to work with CIM on the advancement of its many initiatives in the area of standards, guidelines and best practices, expanding on the critical work it undertakes on behalf of the industry in the areas of mineral resource and mineral reserve definition and valuation.

GMG is incorporated in Canada, which serves as home to most of its current staff. GMG’s focus will remain global as it continues to expand internationally and support innovation, growth and development in mining, an industry of which we can all be proud.

Pierre Julien
President, CIM

Michele Ash
Chair, GMG