Gillian Holcroft appointed interim managing director of GMG

June 14, 2021, Montréal, Québec. The development of guidelines, best practices and standards are strategic pillars of CIM. We recently reconfirmed this during an extensive outreach exercise to inform CIM's new strategic plan. The work of the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) -- a constituent Committee of CIM since 2012 -- is critical to our mission. GMG has played a significant role in leading the development of global guidelines in areas including interoperability, autonomous systems, mine communications, battery electric vehicles and others. It has been and continues to be an integral and valued CIM Committee. To ensure that the priorities of GMG align with industry needs, CIM is taking steps to strengthen governance and increase transparency to maximize our collective contribution to the advancement of the global mining industry. We are pleased to announce the addition of Gillian Holcroft as the new interim managing director of GMG. Ms. Holcroft will replace outgoing managing director Heather Ednie.

Ms. Holcroft is an executive engineer whose expertise is in commercializing environmentally sustainable approaches in the minerals and waste processing sectors. She is a recipient of the 2019 Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc) Environmental Award in recognition of her leadership.

At GMG, Ms. Holcroft will ensure that projects that align with industry needs continue to advance, while providing focused oversight to improve transparency and governance with the goal to increase collaboration with sister organizations, global partners and other CIM constituent groups. Together these efforts will support our objective of meeting the needs of members and the global minerals industry, and align with CIM’s Collective Ambition, Strategic Plan, Goals and Priorities.

“The Global Mining Guidelines Group has been a key organization in moving our industry forward to accelerate the pace of innovation by aligning our industry through the establishment of guidelines for best practices and protocols on the adoption of new technologies,” said Holcroft. “I look forward to working with GMG and CIM staff, members and partners around the world to continue this important work with the goal of supporting operational improvements for safe, sustainable, and productive mining.”

CIM President Pierre Julien said, “Ms. Holcroft’s extensive experience leading projects at the intersection of technology and industry make a her a great fit at GMG. I look forward to working with her to help meet the needs of our industry.”

Ms. Holcroft will be continuing her work with the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC), where she serves as Innovation Manager Processing. “CMIC is a longstanding partner of CIM,” said CEO CIM, Angela Hamlyn. “We see significant synergies between her work at our two organizations. CMIC played an instrumental role in kicking off and supporting GMG in the creation of the Guidelines for Battery Electric Vehicles and the Guidelines for Short Interval Control.”

CIM thanks you for your continued support and contribution to help collectively advance a sustainable future for our minerals industry.

We welcome open dialogue and encourage you to contact us to share your questions, ideas and thoughts.

Pierre Julien, CIM President

Anne Marie Toutant, CIM President-Elect

Angela Hamlyn, CIM CEO