CIM partners with Edumine

CIM partners with Edumine

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CIM partners with Edumine to provide online professional development training for mining professionals

CIM National members can save 15% on Edumine courses to help them further their careers 

MONTREAL, QC, September 8, 2020 - The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and Edumine are excited to announce a partnership that will encourage mining professionals to improve their knowledge and skills and keep pace with industry advancements 

Through this partnership, CIM National members will receive 15% discount on the cost of over 180 courses and 3,000 hours of content relating to the mining and minerals industryEduminean online learning platform, allows learners to work at their own pace while acquiring credentials to fulfill their professional development requirements. 

CIM and Edumine are passionate about equipping people with the necessary tools to enhance and grow their career as a mining professional. 

“At Edumine, we are dedicated to helping companies close the skills gap in mining,” said Marc Borbas, Vice President of Edumine. “Our partnership with CIM makes it even easier and more affordable for mining professionals to gain access to the training they need to grow their knowledge and advance the industry as a whole. 

Given CIM’s strong focus on technical expertise and continuous improvement, we are pleased to partner with Edumine to provide our members with an additional avenue for facilitating professional development opportunities,” added CIM’s CEO Angela Hamlyn. 

Starting today, CIM National members can start learning on Edumine and save 15% off 180 on-demand coursesVisit the CIM website to learn how.

For information on how to become a CIM National member and take advantage of Edumine’s discounted courses, visit  

About CIM 

The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) has served as the leading technical industry institute in Canada for the past 122 years. CIM is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, facilitation of innovation, the celebration of excellence and the promotion of sustainable practices across the full spectrum of Canada’s minerals, metals, materials and petroleum industries.  

About Edumine 

The Edumine platform provides professional development training for people in the mining industry. With over 180 on-demand courses, you can learn anytime, anywhere; or attend live webcasts and short courses to interact directly with industry experts. You’ll acquire recognized credentials and advance your professional development.