Beyond Digital Transformation conference returns February 5-6, 2020

After two successful years connecting mining industry challenges with the right people, process and technology solutions, the third annual Beyond Digital Transformation (BDT2020) held in Sudbury on February 5-6, 2020, will expand its digital reach to connect with the true “future” of mining. This year’s conference is co-hosted by CIM and with Redpath Mining as the Platinum sponsor.

Simultaneous livecast sessions across mining and technology programs and centres across Ontario through the Orion Network provide a new opportunity for students and professionals to engage in the important topics discussed at BDT2020. The conference will be livecast from Cambrian College’s eDome.

“In the past two years, BDT2020 has established itself as an important venue for the mining sector ro meet and focus on the digital transformation of the industry,” said Roy Slack, CIM President and this year’s Conference Chair. “There is much synergy between this young and emerging conference and the broad goals of CIM. It’s Northern Ontario and Sudbury-centric, an area which has traditionally been and continues to be influential and a global leader in our industry.”

The conference switches gear this year with the theme “Data to Decisions” offering a more practical “down to earth” focus on how new innovations are applied. The conference will also shine the “miner’s lamp” on the industry’s unsung heroes, offering insights from mine managers, superintendents and other speakers who are directly responsible for operations, and who will share the real day-to-day mining challenges.

BDT2020 is also extending a challenge beyond the conference to participating universities, colleges and technology centres to innovate real-life mining industry challenges. These new and exciting ideas will be showcased at the BDT2021 conference.

BDT2020 is a not-for-profit conference, with all profits directed to charities chosen by BDT featured speakers. To date, $40,000 has been raised for 15 different speaker-chosen charities. Part of the proceeds from this year’s conference will go towards the Our Earth’s Riches travelling exhibition, a collaboration between CIM and Science North.

As one of the featured speakers at BDT2019, Janice Zinck, CIM Immediate Past President and current Director, Green Mining Innovation (mining extraction, processing and environmental management) at Natural Resources Canada, was proud to donate the very first funds to support Our Earth’s Riches as her charity of choice.

“This year we are excited to really push the conference to the next level in attendance, engagement and technology adoption through the reach of the Orion network and partnership with the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). I am grateful for the leadership and guidance from our Conference Chair, CIM President Roy Slack, who suggested engaging mining and technology schools in the program as well,” said CEO, Neha Singh.

Mining technology vendors can participate through sponsorships and by displaying their newest tech at the NORCAT Tech Alley, to be held at Cambrian College’s Centre for Smart Mining located within the Glencore Centre for Innovation, to demonstrate a hands-on application of established and emerging technologies set to provide a positive disruption to the way the industry currently functions.

Glencore Vice President, Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations and BDT2020 Honorary Conference Chair, Peter Xavier said, “The implementation of practical innovative solutions that solve real relevant problems and the engagement of the future of mining is a major priority for Glencore. I am excited to be this year’s honorary conference chair and bring the true day-to- day perspective of underground mining operations challenges and to get connected with organizations and vendors who would be suitably qualified to help resolve these problems in a tangible yet innovative manner.”

Registration to attend the conference at the eDome is open and tickets are limited. Press kits, sponsorship packages and tickets are available along with event information on the BDT2020 website.

Attendees are encouraged to shape their experience prior to the conference through the CIM Link app. CIM Link is the online community for mining professionals to network and build valuable connections and foster discussions about the industry.