Interested in becoming a mentor?

CIM is committed to fostering a robust, connected and engaged CIM community. A key part of that community are the future leaders of our industry: the students and recent grads from the various mining related programs across the country. Join CIM's Mentorship Program as a Mentor and help lead students to success as they seek opportunities to accelerate their careers.


How does it work?

Individuals interested in becoming a mentor are asked to read over the program guidelines and ensure that are able to commit to a mentorship plan with a mentee. Individuals are asked to fill out a short questionnaire. With this information, the new mentor will be carefully matched with a mentee.

Once a match is found, both the mentor and the mentee will receive an email with information about their new mentorship partner. We provide our mentors and mentees with the tools we believe will make mentoring a smooth process. Mentees are asked to make the first contact with their new mentor. A template for a mentorship plan and agenda is provided and recommended.

Mentor Questionnaire

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