Sir William Edmond Logan

In November 1999, the prime minister announced that Canada's highest mountain would be renamed to honour the just deceased Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Canada's geoscientific community, and Canadians generally, protested because Canada's highest mountain is named Mount Logan. Sir William's name remains on his mountain. Logan and the geosciences gained some welcome publicity. (The federal government has now established a Trudeau Foundation to award graduate scholarships in the humanities.)

In July 1998, MACLEANS magazine identified The 100 Most Important Canadians in History. Sir William Edmond Logan was selected as #1 scientist, and sixth amongst the eminent 100!! On January 29, 1856, Queen Victoria bestowed knighthood on William Edmond Logan, for his contribution to the geology of Canada. He was the first native born Canadian so honoured. The citizens of Montreal organized a gala celebration, and commissioned a great trophy called the SILVER FOUNTAIN, which was made in England and presented in March 1859. This tribute was last seen in Montreal in 1871. Logan resigned as GSC director in 1869, and moved to live with his sister in South Wales. He died in Wales in 1875; his grave is in the church yard at Cilgerran.