President's Reports

President's Report for 2008-2009

The Geological Society (GeoSoc) was founded in 1942 as the Geology Division of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). Its mission is to stimulate and advance the application of geoscience in the search, discovery, appraisal and exploitation of mineral deposits through field conferences, technical sessions, short courses, publications, lecture tours, as well as professional and social networking. Related objectives are to promote and encourage research and education in the Earth Sciences, to promote public awareness of the mineral industry, and to recognize excellence.

GeoSoc struggled to remain active in 2008-09 due to a shortage of volunteers. Despite these challenges, it has continued to fulfill its mandate to stimulate and advance the application of geoscience to mineral exploration and mining through a number of activities.


Exploration and Mining Geology (EMG) continues to struggle due to a lack of submitted papers but Volume 15 (2006) was published in 2007, Volume 16 (2007) was published in 2007, and Volume 17 (2008) was published in 2008 and March 2009. EMG continues to maintain a high editorial standard and publishes high quality papers that are relevant to mine geologists, explorationists and researchers on topics such as economic geology, applied geophysics and QA/QC issues in exploration and mine geology.


GeoSoc contributed three sessions to program at the 2008 AGM. Dr. Tom Lane, of CAMIRO organized and chaired two sessions on Exploration Innovation and Excellence. Dr. Thomas Stachel, of the University of Alberta organized and chaired a session on "The Geology of Diamonds in Canada."


GeoSoc was not able to contribute geology sessions to the 2009 CIM AGM in Toronto due to the shortage of available volunteers.


The Julian Boldy Memorial Award commemorates the exceptional contributions made to the Geological Society of CIM by the late Julian Boldy.

This award was presented to Dr. Jeremy Richards, of the University of Alberta in 2008. The citation read"For his excellence in mineral deposits research worldwide, leadership in sustainable development research, his editorial excellence and his dedication to students."

In 2009 this award was presented to Dr. David Lentz of the University of New Brunswick. The citation read "In recognition of his contributions in revitalizing the Geological Society during his term as President (2003-04) and afterward in encouraging and sustaining submissions to the Society’s journal Exploration and Mining Geology."

The Barlow Memorial Medal was established in 1916 as a memorial to Alfred Ernest Barlow, President of the Institute for the term 1912-1919 and distinguished for his contributions to our knowledge of Precambrian geology. The prize is given for the best paper on economic geology published by the Institute (currently those papers published in Exploration and Mining Geology) in any year.

In 2008 the award was presented to Sean McClenaghan, Dr. David Lentz and Dr. Chris Beaumont Smith for their paper in Volume 15 (2006) entitled "The gold-rich Louvicourt volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit, New Brunswick: A Kuroko analogue in the Bathurst Mining Camp."

In 2009 the award was presented to J.A. Hunt, T. Baker, and D.J. Thorkelson for their paper in Volume 16 (2007) entitled "A Review ofIron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits, with a Focus on the Wernecke Breccias, Yukon, Canada as an Example of a Non-Magmatic End Member and Implications for IOCG Genesis and Classification."

The Actlabs Best Student Paper Awardhas been sponsored by Actlabs since 2005. It is awarded to the best paper with a student author published in Exploration and Mining Geology during the year.

In 2008 this award was presented to A.O. Wills, D.R. Lentz, and G. Roy for their paper in Volume 15 (2006) entitled. "Chemostratigraphy bat the Brunswick No. 6 volcanic-sediment-hosted massive sulfide deposit, New Brunswick: Resolving geometry from drill core in deformed felsic volcanic rocks."

In 2009 this award went to A.R. Foster, P.J. Williams, and C.G. Ryan for their paper in Volume 16 (2007) entitled "Distribution of Gold in Hypogene Ore at the Ernest Henry Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposit, Cloncurry District, NW Queensland." If anybody knows how to contact Anne Foster please let us know as we have not been able to locate her to present the award.


In 2007 and 2008, GeoSoc donated copies of sample issues of Exploration and Mining Geology to students participating in the Student Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop in Sudbury. This was done again in 2009 but GeoSoc also increased its support for this event. GeoSoc and the Geological Association of Canada’s Mineral Deposits Division made a joint financial contribution at the Silver Sponsor Level.

In response to a number of requests from student groups at university geology departments for financial assistance with travel to field trips and conferences the Geological Society Executive discussed how best, and most fairly, to support these requests. The provisional guideline will be to fund one request per year from any student group at university geology departments with the conditions that the funding be used for educational purposes such as field trips or workshops, and that the students right a brief post-trip report suitable for publication in The Gangue. Donations will be for $500 unless otherwise approved by Geological Society Executive. In 2009, funding was granted to student groups from Brandon University, L'université du Québec à Chicoutimi, and the University of New Brunswick.


Geological Society communicated with the Mineral Deposits Division of the Geological Association of Canada during 2008 and 2009 on a number of matters, including supporting student attendance at conferences and on field trips, and economic geology content of conferences. GeolSoc and MDD are the two professional organizations that share a goal of stimulating the advancement of the study and application of economic geology in Canada. It is hoped that the cooperation between these two groups towards achieving this goal can increase in the coming years.


GeoSoc has committed, where it can, to contributing to the CIM AGM in Vancouver and to GeoCanada 2010 in Calgary. We have recently rebuilt our Executive. A number of these volunteers are also directors of GAC MDD Division so there is a real opportunity further the cooperation between our two organizations in achieving common goals.

The shortage of papers being submitted to Exploration and Mining Geology continues to be a concern and the EMG Management Committee continues to work towards rectifying this situation. This is an area where we need help – we need paperssubmitted. If you’ve been considering writing up your work for publication, or if you know somebody that should be encouraged to do so, please act now. EMG is an excellent journal that publishes high quality papers relevant to all of us, but it cannot survive without submitted papers.

We will be working to identify a local organizing committee willing to take the lead in organizing the next CIM Geological Society Field Conference. These conferences have been very popular in the past. The last field conference was in Saskatoon in 2006 so its time for another.

GeoSoc will continue to support development activities for students, like field trips and workshops, where we can. Finally, through our awards nominations, we will continue to acknowledge those who make outstanding contributions to the advancement of geoscience in exploration, mining and ore deposit research in their professional, academic and volunteer activities.

I’d like to close by making an appeal for more volunteers. We have rebuilt our Executive but GeoSoc could realize its full potential if we could get more people active at the committee level. We’re active, or would like to be, in a number of areas – publications, awards, conferences, field trips, and student liaison – so there are plenty of opportunities to help. We’re also well funded so we only lack volunteer help to act on some exciting ideas.

By Dan Brisbin
President, CIM Geological Society