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Though the closest mine operation is about 100 miles north of the city, Winnipeg has quite an active mining industry. The local CIM Branch has about 50 members, representing a diverse cross-section of the minerals community.

Branch members are drawn from local prospectors, university professors and students, small mining companies, suppliers, consultants, the Manitoba Mines Branch and Manitoba Geological Survey, and investors from various Canadian stock exchanges. “In Manitoba, we’re playing to our strengths – VMS and nickel. The higher world prices for metals is putting all the previous work of several decades in good stead and driving projects forward,” said branch chairman Mark Francis.

The over-80-year-old branch boasts an active annual program. Monthly meetings are held September through May on the third Thursday of each month at CanadInns Polo Park in Aalto’s Garden Café, or in the boardroom of sponsoring local businesses. Technical speakers follow a buffet lunch, or in some cases a catered dinner. Average attendance is around 20, though it can climb past 50 depending on the topic. Topics are usually specific to a particular mine operation, project, or new technology. The branch also holds special topic luncheons, when they invite up to three speakers on a particular topic.

The branch sponsors the annual Mid-Canada Investment Forum, the North of 60 Resource Conference, and is currently working to increase student participation. In the past, the Branch has hosted University Night, at which honours undergraduate students from the Geological Sciences program of the University of Manitoba present papers. The branch presents a $500 scholarship to a geological sciences student from the university. A student representative sits on the executive committee, maintaining close ties between the branch and the student body.

The branch works to increase public awareness and to improve the public perception about the minerals industry. “We strive to encourage dialog between industry, government and the community,” said Cameron Rennie (branch vice-chairman). “It is an extremely exciting time in the exploration and minerals industries, but it comes at a time when environmental issues are at the forefront. If we can continue to educate our members and the public, while raising general interest in the industry, I believe we are spending our time wisely.”

With the help of CIM National, the Winnipeg Branch works to help people understand the environmental progress already realized by the minerals industry, the high standard of safety in the industry, and the investment for future success.

There is a twenty dollar per year fee for members, although guests are always welcome. “We have always done our best to keep annual membership fees low by arranging for corporate sponsorship of luncheons and other events,” said branch treasurer Hannah Giesbrecht. “Corporate sponsorship is very much appreciated by the members and the executive, and definitely shows the support that exists for the mining and minerals industry in Manitoba.”


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