Past Events

Theatre Night social event | April 2016

On the left, Vanessa Poxleitner (SRK) and her husband Gary Poxleitner (SRK) enjoyed meeting actors from Blind Date, a lively production featured at Sudbury Theatre Centre. CIM Sudbury hosted the Feb 11th performance, which entertained a capacity crowd of local CIM members and theatre patrons.

General Membership Meeting | April 2015

Project Execution & Cost Escalation in the Mining Industry - CIM Distinguished Lecturer Ken Thomas - April 16 2015

General Membership Meeting | May 2014

Royal Nickel Corporation’s Dumont Nickel Project – Ready to Take Advantage of a Nickel Market Poised to Return to 2006-2007 Levels - May 13 2014

General Membership Meeting | March 2014

High Performance Synthetic Ropes for Mine Hoisting - CIM Presentation for Distribution - March 20 2014

Social Evening | November 2013

Laurentians Goodman School of Mines - Who We Are and What We do - CIM Presentation for Distribution - November 21 2013

Student Wing Night | October 2013

KGHM International Vistoria Project: Past, Present and What's Next - CIM Presentation for Distribution - Oct 17 2013

General Membership Meeting | September 2013

Vale's Sudbury Operations: Succeeding in the "New Reality" - CIM Presentation for Distribution - Sep 19 2013 

General Membership Meeting | January 2010

  (From left) Kris Laamanen, Rail-Veyor Technologies; guest speaker Peter Golde, Chief Mine Engineer - Research and Development, Vale-Inco; Adam Tonnos, CIM Sudbury Branch Chair; and Alex Henderson, General Manager - Mines Technology, Vale Inco.

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Social Evening | April 2010

(From left) Oliver Koski, CIM Sudbury Branch Sponsorship Chair; George Darling, CIM Sudbury Branch Social Chair; Christine Bertoli, CIM Sudbury Branch Vice Chair; guest speaker Bob Rappolt, Vice President of Stantec; and Paul Reid of the City of Greater Sudbury, representing the evening's sponsor, Nickel Basin Federal Development Corporation.

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General Membership Meeting | November 2009

(From left) Ed Toivonen, CIM Sudbury Branch Education Chair; Lisa Lounsbury, Development Manager of Easter Seals Ontario; Adam Tonnos, CIM Sudbury Branch Chair; and guest speaker David Peres of Century Systems Technologies Inc.

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