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There is perhaps no area in Canada with a stronger tradition and presence of mining and the minerals industries than Sudbury, Ontario. The very history of the city is rooted in the mining industry. Approximately 60 per cent of all underground hard rock mining in Canada takes place within a 300-mile radius of Sudbury. Thanks to the large volume of mining in the region, mining companies such as Vale and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company (Sudbury INO), and suppliers such as Joy Global and Sandvik, enjoy a healthy presence in the area.

The CIM Sudbury Branch reflects the vitality of the local mining industry, enjoying a large membership, an impressive technical program, and a full social calendar. In early August, the branch hosts their Annual Rudolph Kneer Memorial Golf Tournament, which serves as the opening activity for the coming year and the main element of the membership drive. The golf tournament attracts 72 players each year, and allows for camaraderie between engineers and mine employees and their suppliers. The tournament has been evolving for over 40 years and was named the Rudolph Kneer Memorial Golf Tournament in 1997, after the passing of one of the branch’s most unswerving advocates.

Throughout the year, six General Membership Meetings (GMM) (September, October, November, January, March and April), usually held on the third Thursday of the month in the Atlas Copco Theatre at Dynamic Earth (a most fitting atmosphere), boast an outstanding technical program covering subjects in all disciplines; metallurgy, geology, and more. Guest speakers are often found through the branch’s association with the local university, colleges and research institutions. The focus of the meetings varies throughout the year, with technological developments and innovations being a key factor.

The October GMM is an especially important one, as it is the Annual Student Wing Night, a longtime tradition of the branch. The sole focus of the evening is the students from the local institutions. An informative address is given, with the topic of interest geared to students, and wings became the mainstay for all to consume in 2012, a switch from the longtime oysters.

The November GMM was instituted as an Annual Social Evening in 2005. It is an evening where a member can bring a guest at no charge to listen to an address by a general interest speaker; Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was the topic for the 1st Annual Social Evening.

Every February, the branch hosts a Winterlude Dinner and Dance. The evening boasts a famous butterfly-shrimp cocktail hour, a delicious and decadent dinner, followed by DJ music until 1:00 am, allowing for dancing by all.

The last social evening of the season is the Annual Lobster Night Dinner and Dance. Always a sold-out event with upwards of 370 attendees, it is held every June. Again, the evening begins with the butterfly-shrimp cocktail hour, followed by delectable fare that includes lobster flown in fresh from the East Coast. The evening ends again on the dance floor with music by a DJ.

All branch donations are made for the betterment of students. The branch is a major supporter of the Regional Science Fair, whereby the winners of the regional elementary and secondary school competitions are able to attend the nation-wide science fair thanks to the support of the CIM Sudbury Branch. Secondary, and even elementary, school students are given further opportunities in respect to mining education, i.e. attendance at luncheons and conferences in the area which are complimentary of the branch, books and activity kits referencing mining which are purchased and then accessed through the schools' libraries.

At the post-secondary level, the branch offers bursaries to students at Laurentian University, Cambrian College and Collège Boréal. Another focus of the branch is promoting public awareness of the mining and minerals industries. Modern Mining & Technology Sudbury Week provides the opportunity to promote the industry at a higher level. The branch donates funds on a yearly basis to allow secondary students to experience Dynamic Earth’s Path of Discovery Tour of local mines and its related industries. Close ties are maintained between the branch and the local mining schools allowing the students greater access to information and the local industry, and helping to promote students’ entry into related fields of study.

It must be said though, that people are the branch’s greatest strength. At a time when schedules are so packed it’s difficult to find the time to meet all demands, the Sudbury Branch benefits from the efforts of individuals willing to dedicate the time to maintain the high standards required by the members. 14 professionals from the mining industry as well as one student from the post-secondary level, work tirelessly to achieve all aspects of the branch’s mandate.

To become a member of the branch, please telephone Peter Xavier, Membership Chair, at 705-693-2761 Ext. 4149 or by e-mail, pxavier@xstratanickel.ca

For correspondence, please send to: CIM Sudbury Branch, PO Box 4340, 621 Main St, Lively, ON CA P3Y 1N3.

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