About Us

We are one of the most active of CIM’s branches in Canada. Attendance at events is typically composed of 50% students, 40% industry and 10% retired industry. Technical presentations keep industry up to date with the latest projects in mining, current trends and provide additional expertise in interest areas.

We have a long-standing relationship with the University of Alberta. Current economic challenges and projected future labour shortages make it necessary to encourage our younger generation to attend events, participate in the branch executive, network with industry, enquire about future employment and discover what CIM has to offer.

We also engage our industry partners to support our branch endeavors. 

2016 Activities

  • Student Awards Night with guest speaker Rajeev Chadha, Industrial Technology Advisor, National Research Council of Canada (January)
  • Guest speaker: Tim Wall, vice-president of engineering, US Oil Sands Inc. – "US Oil Sands' PR Spring Project – A New Approach to Oil Sands Mining and Extraction" (February)
  • MIAC Student-Industry Night (March)
  • Guest speaker: Brandon Stewart, Mine Planning Engineer, Sunhills Mining – "Business Case for Argus Shovel Production and Productivity Benefits" (April)
  • Guest speaker Nick Ford – Alberta Economic Outlook (September)
  • Guest speaker Dwayne Formanski, “Point Anchoral Mechanical Rock Bolts” (October)
  • Guest speaker Matthew Lato, “Geohazard Risk Assessment and Management in Mining Environments” (November)
  • Guest speaker Terry Morris, “Why is it a Thing? What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Mining” (December)

Awards & Scholarships

  • Branch scholarship recipients: Lowell Knapp, Robert Pawluk, Kyler Guebert and Dianne Ceniza
  • Book award recipients: Leni Shuttleworth-Cucinelli and Matthew Ready