Hani Henein

Hani Henein

Hani has been a Professor in the Department of Chemicals & Materials Engineering at the University of Alberta since 1989 teaching and doing research on pipeline steels, metal-matrix composites and rapid solidification. He now partners with industry in research and has extensive international collaborations.


Advanced micro alloyed steels for sustainable pipelines
This presentation will describe nearly two decades of collaboration between industry and university to advance and improve micro alloyed steels which are used for the transmission of oil and gas.

The evolution of the philosophy of engineering education
In this presentation Hani will discuss the need to expand the curriculum of young engineers to include GC as an important component of their undergraduate education.

Quantifying solidification path in rapid solidification using 3D measurements
Hani will outline some of the methodologies developed to quantify phase fractions and their solidification path as a function of processing conditions using EML and IA.

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