Klaus Kacy

Distinguished Lecturer 2010-11

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the international mining industry in the advancement of mine hoist controls.

Klaus Kacy is a senior technical consultant at ABB Automation-Canada. He has a M.Sc. in control engineering from Gliwice Technical University, Poland. Klaus started his mining career in 1968 as a foreman in a coal mine in Poland. Later, he was appointed to set up an automation centre for coal mines.

In 1979, Klaus moved to Nigeria as the principal lecturer at Kaduna Polytechnic, where he was recognized for outstanding academic achievement. In 1982, he joined ABB (ASEA) South Africa, where he was involved in mine hoist-related activities, including marketing, design, commissioning and field services.

In 1987, Klaus was transferred to ABB Canada, where he developed a technical team for the ABB Mine Hoist Group serving North America, which today is one of the best mine hoist teams in the world. During his 43-year professional career, Klaus was involved in many development projects; his research and development work has resulted in more than 30 patents.

As Distinguished Lecturer Klaus Kacy will present:
Modern Hoisting Systems

This lecture deals with new developments in mine hoisting. Advantages and disadvantages of modern hoisting technology are presented.

The following topics will be addressed in the presentation:

  • Modern hoist concepts
  • Hoist drive systems – development history and features of the latest technologies in mine hoist drives
  • Presentation and features of modern hoist control systems
  • Modern hoist control desks
  • Remote control of mine hoists
  • Modern brake systems – requirements
  • Brake control systems – different configurations
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