Medal for Bravery



1. An award shall be made only in a case where a man knowingly risks his life in attempting to rescue a fellow worker. The award shall be made only for meritorious conduct reported during the calendar year preceding any Annual General Meeting of the Institute.
2. The Medal for Bravery Committee shall be free to recommend no award if the evidence submitted does not reveal an outstanding act of bravery. On the other hand, it may recommend two or more awards if and when justified.
3. The medal is for bravery in the mining industry of Canada and any man employed in that industry is eligible.
4. Every report recommending an award of the medal shall be delivered to the CIM Executive Director and shall be accompanied by a report from the chief inspector of mines for the district or province in which the act of bravery was performed.
5. The Medal for Bravery Committee shall include: (a) a Chairman; (b) one (1) representative for each province or district, preferably a government official closely connected with the mining industry; and (c) a Screening Sub-committee of three (3), duly authorized to examine all reports and recommendations submitted to the CIM Executive Director and to determine whether each recommendation complies with the conditions of award.
6. The Screening Sub-committee shall return every report and its recommendations thereon to the CIM Executive Director, who shall then submit each such report and recommendation by letter-ballot for consideration by the other members of the Medal for Bravery Committee.
7. Through the CIM Magazine, the Institute membership shall be advised annually of the availability of the medal and through which employers are urged to report outstanding acts of bravery.
8. When reasonably possible, the recipient shall be expected to receive the award in person during the course of the annual CIM Conference & Exhibition following the announcement of the award, or at such time or place as CIM Council may direct.