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Whether you are seeking to build industry knowledge, enhance your professional profile or raise your company’s visibility, belonging to CIM’s dynamic and influential community provides a wealth of benefits. Renowned for its promotion of knowledge and expertise, CIM offers multiple membership opportunities with different levels of engagement to meet your key business needs and professional goals.

Enhance your professional development - CIM National Membership 

A National Membership* will help advance your career by providing access to exclusive technical information and to a breadth of professional development opportunities. You will connect with key contacts in your field of expertise through our Technical Societies. Membership will also provide an opportunity to strengthen the industry by presenting papers at conferences, submitting technical papers, working on committees, and more. As a National CIM member you may be recognized for your contributions to the industry through the coveted CIM Awards.

Develop your network - CIM Branch Membership 

A  Branch Membership will help you strengthen your local business network. Belonging to one of CIM’s dynamic branches will allow you to establish connections with industry in your area of operation, to explore new business opportunities and to share your expertise with peers and students. As a CIM Branch member you will also stay up to date on industry trends and developments through our publications.

Raise your company visibility - CIM Corporate Membership 

A Corporate Membership provides organizations with an opportunity to enhance global visibility and to shape the future of the industry. Member organizations benefit from belonging to a community of over 11,000 members, who represent more than 4,300 organizations. They may receive access to prime tradeshow floor real estate, cutting-edge professional development programs for employees and much more.

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*CIM membership is open to all industry professionals and students in North America.  Professionals residing outside of North America are eligible for a digital membership.

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