Effect of oxidation-reduction potential and ferric iron concentration on leaching of uranium ores

CIM Journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2012
M. Maley, S. Burling, and R. Ring
Abstract The numerous global uranium deposits vary significantly in mineralogy, grade, and textural characteristics; therefore, information from traditional (or conventional) sources on the fundamentals of leaching uranium and gangue minerals is not always applicable when studying particular ores. Empirical studies can be effective in understanding leach systems and can lead to improvements in process design but there remains a lack of fundamental understanding necessary for ongoing process optimization as ore bodies continue to vary. ANSTO Minerals has undertaken a work program to address several fundamental questions about uranium leaching, including the unexpected impact for some ore types of leaching at high oxidation potential.
Keywords: Leaching, Mineral processing, Uranium leaching, Australia, Oxidation reduction potential, ORP
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